Music:'The folk who live on the hill-George Shearing'


The Old Mansion 17th.March 2006

This web site comes to you frae Neilston Village, Scotland.
It's aboot a new housing development under construction at the moment in 'Nether Kirkton',Scotland.(oct.2003)
The site will be ongoing and I hope that you will find it interesting enough to come back to find out more aboot ....

'The folk who will live on the hill'

Nether Kirkton is a development of just 24 homes centered around an imposing listed mansion and located in an idyllic rural setting.

Nether Kirkton was once the home of the whisky heiress Marion Buchanan

What's happening on site;see our motley crew(video) and Nether Kirkton the beginning(video)

Neilston Pad Online

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